The Community blogs are designed to provide an interactive social media outlet to share insights and best practices among marketing and IT executives. Absorption of the materials in the resources section allows for individuals to reach a new level of understanding on this topic. With this arsenal of knowledge, we challenge visitors to demonstrate their ideas to further progress.

Post opinions, ideas, and questions which will spark conversation and debate that will ultimately benefit the greater community in the effort to institute a new era of communication between marketing and IT teams. Tackling corporate obstacles may seem daunting at first, but this forum offers proof of a large scale movement that you can easily join. Spark a thread today!


Creating a Customer-Centered Organization The HBR Insight Center is an interactive resource that highlights the emerging thinking around today's most important issues. In this installment of the series, Harvard Business Review focused on how managers are turning their companies into customer-focused organizations.


CMO Council’s look at how big data aligns marketing and IT

CMO Blog

Welcome! Let the conversation begin - June 14, 2010

In late 2009, the CMO Council asked marketers in the telecommunications industry if they believed their back office IT systems would enable control in the implementation of marketing strategies. While… Read more

CIO Blog

Welcome! Let the conversation begin - June 14, 2010

Who owns the web? If you ask most consumers today, they do.  Yet, when you pose that questions to corporate executives, a fight breaks out! For some, marketing owns the site, the data and the ent… Read more


04.25.18 - Are Most Companies Ready for GDPR? It Depends on Who You Ask - A month out from the GDPR deadline, a number of surveys give conflicting answers as to…more articles

04.24.18 - Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic - While that represents “only” 27% growth over last year’s landscape, which…more articles

04.18.18 - Transformative Times Call For Tighter CMO-CIO Ties - With digital transformation and adoption of so many emerging technologies and tools,…more articles

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